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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Conquest of the New World - Cortes & the Aztecs

Juan Gines de Sepulveda & Bartolomeo de las Casas - Valladolid 1550

The Black Death

On Witches - Pope Innocent VIII and the Malleus Maleficarum

Veronica Franco - Letters & Poems

Nizzahon Vetus (or The Old Book of Polemic)

The Mainz Anonymous

Responses to Heresy & The Song of the Cathar Wars

The 4th Lateran Council (1215)

Niketas Choniates - O, City of Byzantium!

Baha ad'Din - The Rare and Excellent History of Saladin

Ibn al-Qalanisi - The Damascus Chronicle

Fulcher of Chartres - History of the Deeds of the Franks on their Journey to Jerusalem

The Song of Antioch (or Chanson d'Antioche)

Pope Urban II - Letters & Speech at Clermont (1095)

Pope Sergius IV - Encyclical on Jerusalem

The Royal Frankish Annals (or Annales regni Francorum


Eusebius - The Life of Constantine

Sulpicius Severus - The Life of St. Martin of Tours