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Monday, June 2, 2008

Marie de France, Lais

Julian of Norwich, Showings

Peter Abelard, A History of My Misfortunes

Raymond of Capua, Life of Catherine of Siena

Chretien de Troyes, Lancelot

Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the Kings of Britain

Felix, Life of Guthlac

Athanasius of Alexandria, Life of Antony

Willibald, Life of Boniface

Martyrdoms of Sts. Perpetua & Polycarp

Odo of Rouen, Register

Mainz Anonymous & Solomon bar Simson

Ibn Battuta, The Travels

The Templar of Tyre

Peter Abelard - The Collationes

"Dream of the Rood" & "The Battle of Maldon"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Conquest of the New World - Cortes & the Aztecs

Juan Gines de Sepulveda & Bartolomeo de las Casas - Valladolid 1550

The Black Death

On Witches - Pope Innocent VIII and the Malleus Maleficarum

Veronica Franco - Letters & Poems

Nizzahon Vetus (or The Old Book of Polemic)

The Mainz Anonymous

Responses to Heresy & The Song of the Cathar Wars

The 4th Lateran Council (1215)

Niketas Choniates - O, City of Byzantium!

Baha ad'Din - The Rare and Excellent History of Saladin

Ibn al-Qalanisi - The Damascus Chronicle

Fulcher of Chartres - History of the Deeds of the Franks on their Journey to Jerusalem

The Song of Antioch (or Chanson d'Antioche)

Pope Urban II - Letters & Speech at Clermont (1095)

Pope Sergius IV - Encyclical on Jerusalem

The Royal Frankish Annals (or Annales regni Francorum


Eusebius - The Life of Constantine

Sulpicius Severus - The Life of St. Martin of Tours